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Text to hex text conversion, Text to binary, Text to octal, hex to text, base64, urlencoding/decodin  v.2.0

to octal, hex to text, and binary to text text conversion software Software! Text to hex text conversion, Text to binary, Text, base64, urlencoding/decoding

Text conversion software for hex to binary, binary to hex, ascii to hex, hex to ascii, ascii to bina  v.2.0

Text conversion software for hex to binary, binary to hex, ascii to hex, hex to ascii, ascii to binary plus much more! Urldecoding/urlencoding too!

PDF Text Extractor  v.1.0

PDF Text Extractor is an advanced application designed to process pdf to text conversion. PDF Text Extractor extracts text from pdf files and creates txt files. PDF Text Extractor is an independent software and does NOT need Adobe Acrobat. PDF to

PDF Text Reader  v.1.1

Free PDF Text Reader for easy PDF to text conversion. Fast and easy to use interface that supports opening of PDF files for saving as text files. Also supports printing of the text, copy to clipboard, page selection, and viewing of PDF info tags. No

Simple HTML To Text Converter  v.1.1

Batch HTML to Text conversion. Batch Text to HTML conversion. Program options: - file types: txt, htm, html, shtm, shtml - selection of source and result directories, - add (add all) / remove (remove all)

Portable PlainEdit.NET  v.

PlainEdit.NET is a simple editor for text files (ANSI, UTF-8 and Unicode) equipped with syntax highlighting for the most popular Web, script and programming languages. FEATURES: · Several functions for text conversion · Syntax highlighting

Binarization  v.1.0

The Binarization Opera widget allows you to quickly convert text to binary and binary to text The Binarization widget for Opera browser provides a simple text to Binary and Binary to text conversion. Just type in the text or binary sequence into a

TextMaestro  v.1.0.731.0

With TextMaestro, you can master any text conversion project, no matter how large it is. That is because, TextMaestro"s library-based paradigm allows you to define, refine and reuse "semantic" rules for your conversion project one at a time and then

Convertctempl  v.20110423

Template for creating simple ANSI C text conversion

ZBNF-parser  v.1.00

* Java classes for parsing text, conversion to XML or to evaluate in Java. The parser is textual-script-controlled with a syntax near Backus Naur Format, named ZBNF. * Some routines for conversion: C-Header or Java to XMI, XML-Documentation

Txt2tags for handhelds  v.1.0

This project offers ipk packages of the text conversion and formatting tool, txt2tags, forusers of Linux embedded systems that use the iPKG Package Management System .

Txtad  v.1.0

'txtad' is a text conversion utility, running on Cho-kanji R4 or higher.

Text Encode Converter  v.1.0 Build 110531

Text Encode Converter is an easy-to-use application that can help you convert encode of multiple ansi / utf-8 / unicode plain text documents to and from any encode, either interactively or in batch mode. It can convert encode of thousands of files

Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text  v.2.0

Free to convert PDF to text with Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text

WReplace  v.1.2

Free program, which allows you to change/replace multiple letters and phrases at a time. It is easy to create and save lists of changes/replacements, so that you can reuse them. You can even paste replacement table from your spreadsheet (e.g.

Conversion of jpg files to ascii text  v.1.0

This is a jpeg2ascii converter that does not use the aalib which make it small, fast, and lightweight enough to be included for use as a viewer in the latest code for the popular and near ubiquitous utility.

Text to HTML Converter  v.1.0

Text to HTML Converter is a free tool for plain text to html conversion. To convert your text file to html -- joust open the text file and press "convert" button...

Simpo PDF to Text  v.1.5.0

Simpo PDF to Text is a free and easy-to-use PDF to Text, PDF to Txt conversion freeware, it can convert any Adobe PDF files to plain text formats. Simpo PDF to Text Converter is a standalone application, it does NOT need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader

Easy Text To HTML Converter  v.3.0.0

Easy Text To HTML Converter provides fast and easy conversion of Text Files (in *.txt, *.rtf formats) and Text Blocks pasted from Clipboard to HTML.The conversion is being performed in four different modes , placed on separate tabs of the main

Msg to MBX conversion Utility  v.1.0

Msg to MBX conversion Utility is a simple application htath was designed in order to help you transform text (.MSG) files into the .MBX Unix mail file format that is used by popular mail clients like Eudora or Netscape Messenger.

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